About Us

Priscilla Parker Owner/Groomer: I started grooming in November of 2003. I am an avid animal lover. Currently I own a Cattle Dog by the name Squeaker, which was named after the first noise she ever made. She constantly lives up to her name. Casper is the name of my little boy kitty who had been abandoned, along with his two siblings, by his mother in my in-laws RV area. I love my pets and try to treat every pet that comes into my shop like I would like my pets treated.

I started Pawlor Pets in October of 2013 after the grooming salon, I had worked at for nearly ten years, was sold. I had ten years experience and a relatively large clientele so I decided to go out on my own. I wanted to create a grooming salon that turned out quality work at an affordable price in a stress free environment. Somewhere pets and their owners would be happy to come back to time and time again.