Grooming Services


Bath and Brush Out

Using fresh warm water in our bath, we give your pet a clean fresh look and smell. During this process, their ears are cleaned, any knots and undercoat are removed.

* Glands are checked upon request and only expressed if there is no resistance. We will inform you if we were unable to express.


Full Service Grooming

Includes the bath and brush out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and a hair cut in any style.

Tooth brushing is available as well for an additional fee.

* All prices depend on the breed, size of your pet, condition of the coat, and the type of cut desired.



Have a pet with a shedding problem?
No worries.

Every bath and brush out service comes with de-shedding. We use the Furminator to pull out all the under coat we can and at no extra cost to you. A good brush out can reduce shedding up to 80%!